Love Doesn’t Hurt

Somehow I see it inside her, how broken and torn apart she is. Pieces of her falling apart just can’t seemed to be fixed anymore. Just like  Newton’s apple, she fell. Maybe it’s her eyes that showed me, maybe it’s her movements lately, or maybe it’s just me knowing her too damn well. I felt weak in front of her, looking at the state she’s in.

“Let me help you”

The urge to tell her to surrender herself to me and just be mine is big. I hoped she could live her life today as mine, and I’ll fix her with all my might.

“I don’t know.. I just- I really don’t know” she shuttered.

I could see it in her, how she’s questioning me, wondering if I’m worth the ride, wondering if this is really the right choice.

“take time to think about it, don’t rush.. but really, I just want you to give me a chance. Just that one chance is enough.”

For someone who’s as broken as her, I believe it’s a natural reacti and on given out by the walls that was built to protect herself. May it be a yes, may it be a no, I’ll still be here and we’ll take time together.

“ I’ll wait for you, I’ll wait by your side.” I continued

Might this be my inner greed, but I wanted her to come to me as I’ll give her my all. I loved her just as much as I loved my own.  Without any exceptions, I’ll love her as if she’s my last, I’ll love her as if she hasn’t been loved before.

She stood there with her head down, she just couldn’t see me in the eyes. I took a step closer to her, gently I hold both of her cheeks. Her apple cheeks were soft, I guess it’s just like her heart then. Our eyes met, there I saw every story she wanted to tell me. The pain, the sadness, the despair, and everything else. I wiped away her tears, hoping she’ll stop crying. In he midst of this vibe, her cherry lips just stood out the most out of the sudden. Her cherry red lips that looked so kissable, I guess.

My head moved on its’ own, lowered my self down, and everything just went silent. My lips went straight to hers as we shared a kiss. My heartbeat was beating faster than a drummer as our lips locked, my eyes just closed unknowingly. I could feel her breath, the sweet minty flavor that might be from her lip balm, and her fluffy lips that felt even more irresistible. I could taste her tears that kept on falling, I could feel the warmth of the tears. Urge was real, greed was real. I couldn’t stop myself, I couldn’t pull myself back, I wanted to hold her even more intimately, I wanted more.

Considering the state she’s in, I managed to pull myself back, and unlocked my lips from hers’. I put my forehead on her forehead, breathing in and out, realizing that I must’ve been out of my mind for kissing her, yet a part of me enjoyed the kiss. Everything just felt so quiet, as if it’s a dream. Waking my self up, I opened my eyes.

“ Please.. trust me and just let me in..” I whispered.

I hoped to see a light in her pitch dark heart, I hoped that door will show some gap, I hoped to be her key.

“love doesn’t have to be painful” I continued.

I took a step back, putting away my face from hers’, patted her head. Considering the way she acted and reacted, I supposed it’s a yes then. There, I will show her the real definition of love, the true love. I’ll prove it to her, that I’m different, that the love I’ll give her is none of the love she has ever felt before.

I promise her happiness.



Hey guys! been a while since i last posted something here. this time i came back with a super short “story” based on the song,  Love Doesn’t Hurt – Shannon ft. Amber. the song kind of hit me hard with its’ lyrics and i just feel like trying something new, and that’s how it happened. and as usual, i hope you guys could excuse me for my grammar mistakes. Enjoy!


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