“Me” & “It”

“Me” & “It” is a short story that i wrote few months ago which i submitted to Asian English Olympics 2017 short story writing competition. well it’s kinda a one-shot story and i wrote it in about 24 hours. short amount of time indeed.

Even though i didn’t make it to the finals, i’m proud enough to finish this story since yeah, duhh.. i was seriously in rush. the judges comments are quite positive except the fact that i did a loooottt of grammar mistakes. since the competition is over, i think it’s okay to post it here, personally.

it wouldn’t be fun if i post all of it right away, ain’t it? so first thing first. the sypnosis!

here you go, enjoy!

“Me” & “it”

            Evanna is a 2 years consecutive front-runner majoring in Cello. The next year when she was competing, fear ate her inside and out as she botched her performance in front of 2.000 people.  As a result, she underwent trauma in playing cello. She couldn’t hear the notes nor hold a cello. She received mockery and hate from the people around her. Making her self-esteem drop all the way down. One day, she met a girl on a light-house and then experienced a near death experience. Being indebted to the girl, she was told to play the cello as a way to paying the debt.  Can she find a way back to her old brilliance?

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“Me” & “It” – String 1



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